Young Adults

Sundays 7-9pm

For all those in that ‘post school - pre kids’ age group, a chance to meet together and discuss life, the Bible, and issues relevant to young adults today.  We get together every Sunday night. For more information on when things are happening head on over to our group page: .

Come and join as we open up the Bible and talk over espresso and hot chocolate. 

The Order of The Vine

So what even is The Order of The Vine??

After many months of prayer and discussion the Nelson Anglican Diocese is very excited to announce the formation of a cross-denomination young adults network called The Order of The Vine. It is our audacious hope and prayer that The Order of The Vine will develop into a wide community of young adults where they are connected, engaged, equipped and encouraged.

We describe ourselves as: “A community of semi-young Christians from Nelson and beyond, seeking to figure stuff out, find their place within the Church and know more about how faith in Jesus affects life.”

For more information and to know when The Order events will be happening head on over to our Facebook page.