When God ‘grabs hold of us’ he takes us on a journey. He wants us to walk His road, the road of discipleship – growing and maturing as a follower of Jesus. The discipleship pathway that we offer here at St Stephens provides an opportunity to do just that - to keep walking this road that God has invited us onto.

This is about being Mission Minded and being intentional about incorporating new people into the life of the church, nurturing them in faith and commitment, and training them for God's work.

We have three courses tailored specifically for this - designed to be practical, engaging and relevant to life and faith today.

DNA St Stephens is a four week course that uses the Apostles Creed as a framework to consider what we believe as Christians and how that informs what we do here at St Stephens.

 This course is about belonging to the body of Christ.

LIFE St Stephens is the continuation of DNA and looks at the Sermon on the Mount and what it means for our life in Christ now. It takes a practical look at how we can live out the teachings of Jesus. LIFE resources can be found here.

This course is about committing to living for Christ.

Equip: St Stephens is about considering God's call to all. It is made up of seven modules which aim to equip people to serve and lead in whatever God calls them to. 

This course is about serving Christ.


Discipleship Pathway for Kids

ON TRACK: St Stephens is a course specifically designed to take kids further in their faith.


This course is about kids loving Jesus and loving others - for life.


Each of these courses are run regularly so if you would like to join one please contact us for more information.


Life Groups are an essential part of St Stephens. They provide both Intentional Discipleship (see above) as well as ongoing support and growth of faith. We want to become a church of life groups, not just a church with life groups, so we can all grow to maturity in Christ (Col 1:28)

In our regular Life Groups we’ve seen how people grow closer to each other and closer to God through them. It’s a place where you can share the struggles and the joys of life, learn more about Jesus and His Word. All while enjoying good company and good food.

For more information on the life groups we have at St Stephens please contact us.